Volkswagen unveils their app that creates music from your driving

Volkswagen's music creating app

The collaboration of Volkswagen Golf GTI and British dance act Underworld will surely bring music to the drivers’ ears. We mean it in a literal way; as the parties involved have developed a special app that allows the driver to compose his own music. And quite interestingly, the flowing note of the music is determined by their way and location of driving. In other words, the music is translated from the various parameters of driving that ranges from the steering acceleration to the area where the car is navigating. These attributes are fed by the accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS receiver in our iPhones. On the other hand, the app gets the speed data and RPM from GTI’s very own on-board computer. The combination of all these data is filtered and used for the real time composition of the music.

As many of us might have deduced by now, the sheer number of probabilities and permutations of the driving parameters make each musical composition unique in its scope. The application utilizes PD (Pure Data), a specialized musical programming language for the real time creation of this music pattern.

In terms of the commercial ambit, the app will act as the linchpin of a more collective driving experience known as the ‘Play the Road’. The aim is to synchronize the driving and the music, so as to re-create an entire fusion of these two separate (albeit remarkable) fields. The end result in certainly fascinating, where drivers basically could use their cars as musical instruments!

And, since we brought up the commercial aspect, the Play the Road released on 22nd November will not be available to regular consumers. In fact, Volkswagen has decided to use the technology in controlled environments for competitions. However, we can get a taste of the innovative musical experience by applying for the company’s campaign in Facebook.

You can also check out more details, and apply for the competitions by following this Volkswagen link. As for the real deal, do gleefully gawk at the YouTube video given below.


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