Brazilian child crafts a model excavator from syringes and wood

Wesley Pereira de Souza's model excavator

Ingenuity precedes resources – this in a nutshell describes the above pictured contraption built by model hobbyist Wesley Pereira de Souza. What might seem like just another toy is actually a home made version of a scale model excavator. However, the remarkable essence of the project goes beyond its DIY nature. The entire model is actually built from an assortment of scraps, including – old syringes, tubes and wood pieces. And, what’s more; the replica excavator’s ‘scooping up’ hydraulic movements exactly mimics its real time diesel-powered counterpart, which also includes the motional features of the individual sections.

Of course, the ambit’s allure is limited to the ingenious construction of a working DIY model by a child. However, the very notion of crafting a ‘technological’ device from just recycled materials does hint at something more. Now, if we stretch our imagination a bit; we might even have a brief reverie where future generations of humans construct and operate all their machinery by utilizing older specimens and upcycled materials. This in turn leads to a cycle of sustainability deftly powering our planet’s civilization!

Anyway, coming back to Pereira de Souza’s innovative creation, you can take a look at his project in the YouTube video below. Also, notice the fluent motions of the model sections that replicate the movement of a diesel-powered backhoe.



Dattatreya Mandal

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