Hardwrk Massive Dock for iPhone is handmade from concrete

Massive iPhone 5 Dock by Hardwrk

What is the best thing you can have on your desk to allow your iPhone to stand safe? It’s the Massive Dock by Hardwrk, if you ask us. The concrete dock for the iPhone, the Hardwrk Massive Dock is equipped with a Lightning connector and can be optimally used with iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Handmade from concrete, the Massive Dock has micro-suction pads on the bottom, which allow the dock to adhere itself to the desk. Since the dock sticks to any flat surface, taking the iPhone out of it with one hand is really simple.  Weighing in at only 570g, the dock’s accuracy to house the iPhone and its brilliant finished surface is beyond compare.

Concrete is gradually maturing into a more established material for various kinds of products including electronics. In the past we have seen amazing iPhone concrete accessories in form of the iPhone dock pillow and the concrete iPhone dock by Zeitgeistfactory, but the Hardwrk Massive Dock, which is completely handmade and maintains the glorious matt finish, is by far the best one can own. The Hardwrk Massive Dock can be pre-ordered for 59.90 EUR (approx. $80). The iPhone dock will be available for purchase beginning December 11, just in time for Christmas.

Via: PP/T3N



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