VC200 touted to be the world’s safest helicopter inspired aircraft

VC200 volocopter

Behold the very first volocopter in the world that has the capacity to hold two people. Now, before you start working your eyebrows, a volocopter is a derivative mechanism of the helicopter brought forth by E-Volo, their creator. In fact, the German company had already crafted the planet’s first manned multicopter two years back. And, now they have made more developments to the core flying system with the successful unveiling of the VC200. One of these advancements would surely be related to the whopping 18 rotors, all of which are electrically driven. Overall, the aerodynamic design also goes by credible level of aesthetics, which is a big visual step from the earlier ‘makeshift’ scope (follow this image link) to a more refined ambit.

The VC200 had its maiden flight on 17th November 2013, inside the Dm-arena in Karlsruhe, south-west Germany. According to an E-volo press release, the 18 rotors easily lifted up the aircraft from the ground level. The maneuvering was also done pretty flexibly, with one instance being documented where the aircraft made a landing on a 72-floored building.

In terms of its credentials, the VC200 can stay airborne for around 20 minutes, with the flight powered entirely by a built-in battery system. Now, this time may not seem much; but the aircraft more than makes up for it by its ridiculously low noise level and environmental impact.

The company also touts the VC200 to be the safest helicopter inspired contraption in the world. This because the pilot is only responsible for giving directions to the aircraft, while the speed, thrust, drag and rotors are controlled by the integrated computers and sensor. Moreover, the contrivance always reserves 50 percent of its battery power, which further improves upon the chances of a safe landing.

Via: E-Volo


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