BriefSkate Mini V2 skateboard has shock-resistant storage space inside

BriefSkate Mini V2 skateboard with storage space

If you are a bloke who rides skateboard day-in and day-out, then you might as well consider keeping your personal belongings with you at all times or maybe your survival gear if you stay at home very rarely. A better idea is to get hold of a skateboard that has storage space inside it so that you can keep things like money, first aid kit or survival equipment like rope for emergency situations. BriefSkate Mini V2 is one such skateboard that allows you to store valuables inside it so that you don’t have to carry a backpack to carry your personal items. The mini skateboard measures 29 inches in length and has been specifically made for city commuting without taking much space. The inside storage space is made from shock-resistant material and is recommended for carrying around gadgets like tablet. But I would advise you not to do that or you’ll have hardware anomalies as these gadgets are very susceptible to breakage.

BriefSkate Mini V2 skateboard with storage space

BriefSkate Mini V2 skateboard is the ideal accessory to gift your kid this Christmas as it doubles as a storage space compartment and can be filled according to your child’s need. I would prefer filling it up with first aid items and multi-tools as kids like to experiment a lot when riding a skateboard and often get injured in the process. All this for $160 is not a bad deal as BriefSkate Mini V2 skateboard saves you from the hassle of carrying around things when riding a skateboard.

BriefSkate Mini V2 skateboard with storage space

BriefSkate Mini V2 skateboard with storage space

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