Ryan Brooks’ 3D printed Iron Man helmet shines with servos and lights

ccelerometer and battery powered servos

We are once again back to the Iron Man realm. And this time around I daresay, things do go beyond the usual ‘pick and throw’ contrivances about which users can only boast about in cosplays and parties. I am talking about Ryan Brooks’ specially crafted Iron Man helmet made by 3D printing process. It is surely one of those slick designs that will tickle many a Iron Man fan’s fancy. And, this is not only about the novelty of the three-dimensional printing, but also entails a host of ‘automated’ features notching it up on the technological level (just like Tony Stark’s inventions).

Ryan Brooks' 3D printed Iron Man helmet 1

For starters, Ryan Brooks’ plastic helmet contraption has integrated accelerometer and battery powered servos. This unique set-up helps in opening and closing the servo operated face plate by just nodding your head. This automated mechanism is bolstered by the jaw structure of the helmet that opens and closes the face plate, thus resulting in a better view for the user.

Other complementary features are added to the 3D printed Iron Man helmet to accentuate upon its stand out credentials. These include the eyes of the helmet that glow with a clear blue hue and accompanying sound effects. However, the best ergonomic attribute of the design would surely be the rear portion that actually slides up for allowing your head inside. This is certainly a level beyond the conventional fan made conceptions, where the helmets sections just come off to fit your geeky head.

Ryan Brooks' 3D printed Iron Man helmet

Check out the videos below for more details on the awesome working state of the 3D printed Iron Man helmet.


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