Robot Girl iPhone docking station sizzles with her moves


Now, this is a conception that seriously fiddles with our geeky heartstrings! Well known American sculptor Mark Robert Ricci has notched it up on the levels of both ‘form and functionality’ with his Christmas themed Robot Girl. Made from an assortment of various stuff like fiber glass, stainless steel, magnets and LEDs; the end result is a ravishingly futuristic contrivance that will do your every charging function related bidding. The robotic docking station also has her own set of moves that will surely entice many a lonely heart on the eve of the Christmas day.

The animation oriented ‘moves’ entail Robot Girl’s nodding her head from time to time, while music is played from a mobile source (including iPhone, iPod or Android phones). This is achieved due to the integration of a sound sensor control and a solenoid for shaking the head. The automaton-esque conception has a separate Creative D80 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker along her back, for streaming the music played from any discreet device.

The sassy Robot Girl also exhibits her own degree of vibrancy with a variety of lighting effects. Achieved by LEDs from inside the robotic sculpture, the lights frequently change their vivacious hues (with their red, blue and green tints) in synchronization with the played music. This cool effect can actually be regulated by the user with the help of a 24-key infrared controller.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Robot Girl went through a bidding process in eBay from its owner. In a baffling turn of events, the item still remains unsold with a starting bidding price of $3,500.

Robot Girl iPhone docking station

Robot Girl iPhone docking station

Robot Girl iPhone docking station

Robot Girl iPhone docking station

For details, check out the eBay page.


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