6-feet, 300 pound Atlas Robot to save lives in disasters


Since the disheartening disaster at Fukushima, Japan, there have been various efforts from manufacturers to make Dome-like disaster shelters and robots to save lives in disasters. Pentagon has joined the league with a 6 feet 2-inches, 300 pound humanitarian robot called Atlas designed by Boston Dynamics, which has been created to save lives in disaster hit areas. The giant robot is made mostly of aluminum, titanium and steel, and has been stuffed in with ability to walk and sense, but not think – Atlas lacks a brain. In December, seven team of scientists from universities like Virginia Tech and MIT have will compete to code the robot for action. The teams’ Atlas robots will be tested on their ability to drive utility vehicles, navigate through degraded terrains and enter disaster struck buildings.

The crash proof Atlas has lidar, stereo cameras and sensors with perception algorithms mounted in the head for wide viewing ability. The robot is built in with computer to monitor on-board sensors, collect data, control and communicate with remote user. The bot has 28 hydraulically actuated joints, which permit Atlas a full range of motions from, jumping to kneeling and from crunching to walking). The all-terrain robot can easily handle stairs and carry tools in its hands.

Via: Wired



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