UPS dabbling with their version of drone delivery system

UPS drone delivery system

Drones delivering packages? You betcha! Following Amazon’s lead, global package delivery company UPS (United Parcel Service of America, Inc.) has now jumped on the bandwagon of futuristic technology. According to the grapevine, UPS has been testing what seems to be a specialized drone delivery system. The interesting scoop is: they are evaluating their system to work in a different manner, with the project to be finalized by two years. Now, of course, we can’t gather much from the cryptic scheme of things; but one thing is for certain – the future of package delivering is prepping up to take the robotic route.

When UPS was asked to comment on their recent dabbling with drone delivery technology, this is what the company had to say –

The commercial use of drones is an interesting technology and we’ll continue to evaluate it. UPS invests more in technology than any other company in the delivery business, and we’re always planning for the future.

This may come as a good news to many, especially after Amazon had unveiled their similar Prime Air program. The project entails the use of drones to deliver packages to consumers who live within a ten-mile radius of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This automated scope will remarkably allow purchasing of these deliveries within just 30 minutes after the order has been placed online!

UPS drone delivery system

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