Phantom Frames kids’ bike twinkles with its glowing LED frames

Phantom Frames kids' bike

Christmas is fast approaching, and you will not want to find yourself in Schwarzenegger’s ‘Jingle All the Way’ shoes. Well, worry not; this year you can make it special by gifting your child the one and only Phantom Frames kids’ bike. Crafted from sturdy polycarbonate, the piece de resistance of the bike will surely be its cool glow effect. This glorious illumination is achieved by an array of LEDs inside the translucent frames. The intrinsic degree of vibrancy subtly stands apart during the day time, while seriously notching up on the effervescence factor during night time.

Phantom Frames kids' bike

A new US utility patent was needed for the ‘pipeline’ technology of the Phantom Frames bike, which allows the design to have working LEDs (powered by AAA batteries) inside its frame. The evolved scope of this technology further translated into two different commercial varieties of the frame – The Ghost Frame with its vivacious purplish hue and the Ice Frame with its resplendent whitish tint.

Phantom Frames kids' bike

Since we have brought up the commercial scheme of things, the Phantom Frames kids’ bike is currently undergoing crowd funding in Kickstarter. And, there is a great chance it will meet its $10,000 goal, with already a substantial amount of $3,900 being pledged (with 29 days still to go). As for the consumer, you can get an entire bike with all the LED lighted frames with a monetary pledge starting from $165.

For more details, please refer to the Phantom Frames bike’s Kickstarter page.


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