Own a PAL-V One flying car for $295,000


We all love the concept of flying cars. There’ll hardly be any who would deny. Despite the technological evolution engineers haven’t really been able to make it a reality, expect a few near real iterations. One of them being the PAL-V One up for grabs on Hammacher for $295,000. The two seat Helicycle is basically a vehicle that transforms from a three-wheeled motorcycle (tri-cycle) into a gyrocopter in under 10 minutes. It’s powered by a 230-hp, four cylinder engine, has a 27 gallons tank and features a body made from carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium blend. The PAL-V One is street legal and can fly or ride on road at top speeds of 112mph.

When on road PAL-V One can go 750 miles and accelerate from 0-60 mph in under eight seconds. As a helicopter-styled gyrocopter, it flies like an ultra-light plane up to 250 miles. To convert from motorcycle to gyrocopter, you just need to deploy rotor, propeller and rudders, which don’t take more than 10 minutes to assemble. Designed to float at altitudes of under 4,000-ft, the PAL-V One requires 540-foot runway for takeoff and 100-foot for landing. The rotors on the gyrocopter allow the vehicle to lift with the motion created by its forward movement. You’ll require a sports pilot certificate to fly the Pal-V One.


Via: Hammacher



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