Century 21 realtors’ ‘tongue in cheek’ video about drone delivery systems

C21 landing pad

A few days back, we fleetingly mentioned something about Amazon’s amazing Prime Air project that entails a drone delivery system. Well, real estate is surely gearing up for a such a technological possibility. Or is it? Century 21 realtors have recently released a YouTube video that sort of shows the lighthearted side of things, if the Prime Air (and other drone delivery systems) really came into being. Taking the tongue in cheek approach, the video goes on to gleefully explain how Century 21 will have a small landing pad specially made for the delivery bots.

In fact, the real estate agency has send its comedic e-mail to various media sections. It touts the C21 landing pad to be the latest product every Century 21 client should choose for this winter, to enhance the appeal of their property. The mail further explains that the pad would be easy to install, so as to complement a 21st century home.

Now, after all this brouhaha about the Prime Air project, we believe it is our responsibility to reiterate what the drone system actually entails. Well, according to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, the scope will use drones to deliver packages (under five pounds in weight) to consumers who live within a ten-mile radius of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. This automated ambit will remarkably allow purchasing of these deliveries within just 30 minutes after the order has been placed online. Of course, as can be expected, the futuristic endeavor will surely take years to come into fruition.

As for Century 21 realtors; yes, the video is surely a testament to old fashioned playfulness. However, we will still keep our fingers crossed for the Prime Air project to finally take off (no pun intended)!

Via: Century21


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