Gerp Grip is pistol-style grip for tablets that doubles as a stand

Gerp Grip for tablets

There are mainly two adapted ways of holding a tablet or a large screen smartphone. You can have both hands gripping the device on either sides (else have one hand lose to type) or can hold it in cockeyed hold – griping one edge of the device and resting the other against the forearm. But with Paul Liniger’s Gerp Grip you may just have another way to hold your tablets very securely this Christmas. The Gerp Grip is a tablet stand or and universal tablet handle that grips the gadget from the underside to let you use it ever more comfortably.

The ergonomic Gerp Grip features a cool pistol-style grip. It is made in such a way to reduce unnecessary stress and fatigue on the user’s hands and wrists. The grip has a secure suction mount, which allows it to attach to any tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device with flat, smooth and non-porous surface. Simple attach the Gerp Grip suction device to a flat surface of your tablet, adjust the ratchet on it and you’re done. To remove, you only need to squeeze the ratchet and then twist and pull. The Gerp Grip will be available in time for Christmas for $34.99.

DamnGeeky got an opportunity to converse with Paul Liniger about the Gerp Grip. Read on to know what he had to tell us.

DamnGeeky: Tell us something about yourself? What do you do besides designing The Gerp Grip?

Paul: I have been a landscape designer and contractor for the last 12 years. I grew a pretty large contracting business but had to shut it down when our economy tanked. I held on as long as I could be closed at the end of 2011.

DamnGeeky: The idea of Gerp Grip hit you some 13 years back, what took you so long (since tablets have been around for over 3 years now) to create it, and why now?

Paul: After shutting down the contracting business, I simply focused on design and consulting, and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet 10.1 in late summer of 2012. I wanted to read in bed and draw while lounging. I tried various cases and looked at products online, but found nothing in the pistol grip style that was most comfortable to me. Palm up holding is fine for some, but not for laying and lounging. The original idea was for a way to hold a plate while dining on the couch. My brother brought up the fact it still didn’t exist and I should pursue it. I then thought it may solve my tablet handling problems. Upon completion of the prototype which worked on the first try I was really excited. Then upon setting it down and realizing it doubled as a great stand, I knew I was on to something. From May of 2012 up until now I have been putting all my energy and passion into this and sharing it with friends and family, and also getting stopped multiple times in public by strangers that love the idea. So now we have product and everything ready to start marketing. We chose a crowd sourcing partner simply for the fact we wanted to raise a bit more money to cover some initial marketing costs and have platform for people such as yourself to see the product prior to our website launch (coming in January).

DamnGeeky: What is the material you have used to make the Gerp? How durable it is?

Paul: The Gerp is extremely durable. The Grip is ABS, the top body and ratchet are a glass filled nylon composite. The suction is extremely strong. I have been the lead tester and designer and have been testing the units on anything and everything for the last 4 months. I would not have brought this to market if I wasn’t extremely confident and happy with the function and durability.

DamnGeeky:Gerp Grip seems a good support for Tablets and large-screen smartphones? Are there any other applicable uses it can be put to?

Paul: Glad you asked that question. The answer is yes! That is another reason I love this invention. I have used it as a hat rack, to open a stuck drawer. I have had 2 different friends pull small dents out of their cars with it. I have also had a sign installer use it for helping him mount things on the vertical plain. It is also great for catering companies to fasten to a tray of food, and I have used it multiple times on my plate for couch or desk dining. I also put it on hot bowl of Ramen.

DamnGeeky: Do you think Gerp Grip will be ready to ship in time for Christmas 2013? How much would it cost?

Paul: Yes for Christmas. We have 1500 units now and packaging will be complete next week. Suggested retail is going to be set at $34.99 less expensive than any of its closest competitors. It is available for less now on our crowd supply launch page.



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