TheSelfie improves your selfie snaps with its simple remote shutter system


The selfies strike back, this time with technological credibility. The scope is not anymore about those awkward, time taking photograph sessions where by-passers sneer at you for your presumed narcissism. We are of course talking about the aptly named ‘TheSelfie’, an easy-to-use photo snapping contrivance. Envisaged as a remote shutter system, the product can actually be used with any Apple mobile device with a camera. The form factor only entails a small contraption with a simple clicking mechanism that allows you to take your selfie photos from a certain distance.

Of course, that is exactly what the scope of a remote shutter system encompasses – it works as a remote trigger that allows you to take pictures without touching the mobile device’s screen. Hence, the ambit of TheSelfie also caters to other scenarios where you can place your Apple device on stands or tripods to take proper, semi-professional snaps of subjects of particular interest, ranging from your pet dog to the local pub.

In all of these, the greatest advantage of TheSelfie would surely be its usability factor. The remote shutter totally eschews any software requirement, start-up mode, or a specialized app. You just need to connect it with Apple device’s audio jack, start your camera and gleefully indulge yourself in the realm of selfies. Moreover, the cord is of 4.5 ft length, which substantially covers up its credential as a ‘remote’ device.


As, for the commercial scheme of things, TheSelfie retails for a relatively low price of $20. The creator company has listed a host of buying links where you can place your orders.


Dattatreya Mandal

A proud native of the beautiful steel township of Durgapur, West Bengal, Dattatreya’s fascination lies within a range of diverse matters. With a bachelor’s degree in architecture, he is quite fond of his hardcore strategy gamer as well as amateur historian tag. Of course, with over two years of blogging experience under his belt, he also likes to write about the latest updates on gizmo oriented products and home based technology.

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