DIY multi-tool with 8GB USB drive is modern man’s Swiss Knife

Clas Ohlson’s DIY multi-tool

If Swiss Knifes were a soldier’s prerogative (which adventurists have begun using extensively), then the DIY multi-tool is a modern man’s perquisite. A Scandinavian hardware company dubbed Clas Ohlson have designed a Swiss Army Knife of sorts keeping modern needs in mind. Clas Ohlson’s DIY multi-tool replaces the tweezers and knifes of a Swiss Knife with USB stick, paper clips, liquid spray bottles and napkin holders amid other tools. The unique aspect of the multi-tool is that the company will not sell them, instead will provide blueprints of the same to allow DIY enthusiasts to build one for themselves. It the first crowd-sourced tool the company claims.

If you like making your own little DIY projects then DIY multi-tool by Clas Ohlson is especially for you. In order to decide which elements will be included in the tool, the Scandinavian company got their followers on Facebook and Twitter to suggest. The Clas Ohlson’s professional version of the DIY multi-too has a Swedish oak casing with rounded corners and features nine selected items, which include a penny screwdriver, rubber thimble, bottle opener, napkin holder, rotating magnet to pick up metal objects, liquid spray bottle to store stain remover or other liquids, paper clip to open phones to remove micro SIMs, elastic band to hold things together firmly and a 8GB USB drive. The blueprint is available for download from Clas Ohlson’s Facebook page.

Via: DailyMail



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