UnBRELLA solves the ‘wet umbrella’ problem with its reverse folding

UnBRELLA Upside Down Umbrella by H Concept

We don’t know anything about re-inventing the wheel; but re-inventing the umbrella? Now, that’s cool enough! Japanese designer Hiroshi Kajimoto has come up with what he terms as the ‘UnBRELLA’, an umbrella-like contraption with upside down features. Now, before we push more of your confusion buttons, the conception works like a regular umbrella. However, its metal frame is constructed on the outer surface of the canopy. This ‘opposite’ mechanism allows you to fold your umbrella with the wet surface being enclosed (rather than the lower dry side being enclosed). The end result is a simple solution to our eternal ‘wet umbrella’ predicament.


As the designer explains it – ‘Upside Down Umbrella eliminates the discomfort of a rainy day, it is the birth of a whole new umbrella’. In this regard, the UnBRELLA solves many of those scenarios, where the your folded wet umbrella might act an irritating obstacle to the day’s proceedings.


For example, when you take the train or bus after a deluge, you conventional umbrella is bound to be drenched all over the upper surface (when you fold it). And, the problem relates to – where are you going to keep your soaking contraption, without risking the possibility of annoying fellow travelers? The UnBRELLA poses as a solution in such situations, with its outer surface kept dry by the reverse folding mechanism.

However, as expected from novelty products, the pricing of the UnBRELLA is a bit on the higher side with a $95 (9,450 yen) tag. Shipping will commence from late-April of next year, while you can place your orders by following this link.


Dattatreya Mandal

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