Typo Keyboard acts as a physical keyboard extension to your iPhone

Typo Keyboard

A technology still holding on to the legacy of the fast sinking Blackberry, or a design that satiates a purist’s preference for contemporary electronics? You can take your pick; however, we are pleasantly surprised by the Typo Keyboard, a mobile accessory that endows your iPhone with a physical keyboard. In many ways, the contraption works as a case for your iPhone (for only iPhone 5 and 5S), with covers that attach themselves on both ends of the smartphone. The physical keyboard latches on to the lower part of the screen, while it syncs with the mobile device via Bluetooth.

Now, all is well and good, as far the technology is involved in catering to many aficionados’ preference for actual keyboards in their mobile phones. But we also feel the designers missed a trick by contriving the Typo Keyboard in a portrait mode. In most cases, typing becomes much easier with larger keyboards. And touchscreen keyboards have that spatial advantage, with the users just needing to tilt their phone in a landscape mode.

Unfortunately, the ‘tangible’ quality of the Typo Keyboard doesn’t allow that benefit. However, the product might just make up for it by its celebrity quotient. Typo Keyboards is currently in its start-up state, with one of the co-founders being Ryan Seacrest (those who have no idea who that is; he is that American Idol host). And, since we  have brought up the term ‘product’, the Typo Keyboard is available for pre-order with a $99 price tag, while shipping is expected to start from January of 2014.

For more buying details, check out the product’s homepage.


Dattatreya Mandal

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