Eyeresh 3D viewer turns your smartphone into a 3D compatible device

Eyeresh 3D viewer

3D videos are all well and good, when it comes to their execution as instruments of replicating ‘reality’. However, the predicament lies with the strains caused in our eyes by three-dimensional frames, especially when we view such imagery in smaller devices like smartphones (with dedicated 3D compatibility). Well, the Japanese have found a way around this eye-related problem, and this innovative solution entails a brand new type of a 3D viewer. Christened as the Eyeresh, the handheld contraption can be used in unison with your conventional smartphone to view ‘refined’ 3D images and videos.

The Eyeresh allows the muscles of our eyes to loosen up, which in turn positively affects the regulatory motion of our eye-balls. In fact, the technology is pretty similar to the dynamic vision training systems used by many athletes, professional baseball players and racing car drivers. The scope relates to the enhanced focus of the eyes on small objects in closer proximity, which is achievable with the loose eye-ball muscles that can move more fluently.

Interestingly, the ambit is not just limited to our eyes, but also extends to our posture. Long term viewing in mobile devices can also cause shoulder stiffness due to the tension from the 3D effects (as eye muscles tend to co-ordinate with our body muscles). However, Eyeresh traverses this harmful physical condition by addressing the core issue of relaxing our eyes.

As for the commercial side of affairs, the Eyeresh 3D viewer comes with its free app for both iOS and Android. The product itself will set you back by 1480 yen (around $15).

Eyeresh 3D viewer

For buying details, check out this product page link.


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