‘tchk tchk’ wearable transforms physical sports into role playing games

tchk tchk by Rhys Duindam

Diablo, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Fallout – the role playing games section has surely made its mark as one of the dominant genres of the entire gaming realm. But what if there was a ‘Utopian’ scenario where one could also rack up experience points (XP points) by playing real-world physical games? Sounds insanely cool? Well, it is; but more importantly, the scope is remarkably made possible with the so-named ‘tchk tchk’. Designed by Rhys Duindam aka Nupky, the tchk tchk is essentially a small wearable device that transforms a sports accessory (like a basketball shoe or a hockey stick) into a game-like controller.

The entire scope is based upon an audio-enabled mechanism that reacts to your sporting moves. For example, if you perform beyond your normal level, like quick swerves and higher jumps in a basketball game, the device emanates a sound pattern corresponding to the ‘glorious’ move. Consequently, the contraption also measures and records your XP points for that move. So basically, the sport is transformed into a game where you can keep on increasing your XP points and attaining higher levels, by physically performing better (as opposed to performing better on a virtual scale).

By Nupky’s own admission, the tchk tchk was developed to counter the ‘couch potato-ism’ of many role playing gamers. And, like RPGs, there is a social side to the whole phenomenon, with higher XP points also notifying other players of your expertise in physical sports. That in turn opens up further social dialogues and rewards.

So, at the end of the day, the ambit is all about the metamorphosis of sports into games with ‘personal’ end-goals. The allure of enjoyment and the temptation of XP points; now that is something that seriously tickles our geek fueled fancy!

Via: Nupky


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