Alpinestars’ Tech Air suit deploys airbags within milliseconds after a crash

Alpinestars' Tech Air suit

It is not really a secret – riding a motorcycle with the ‘wind in your face’ has always been more perilous than driving in a conventional car with its protective body frame. However Alpinestars, one of the leaders in manufacturing protective gear for moto-enthusiasts, has looked forth to seriously improve upon this safety quotient. As a result, the company has unveiled the Tech Air personal airbag system, a specialized scope catering to the bikers. The system has gone through a development phase of more than 10 years, and as expected, it is designed to react with precision. This allows the deployment of airbags within mere milliseconds (1/1000 of a second) after the suit ‘senses’ an accident.

As a matter of fact, the entire mechanism powered by battery, is based upon the smart detection mode. In this regard, the  Tech Air comprises of five sensors that transmit driver (and his position) related info to a microprocessor, at the whopping rate of 500 times every second. This is complemented by the system’s special algorithms that monitor the rider, and ultimately determine if a crash has occurred (from the rider’s positional shift during such a scenario). This results in the nigh instantaneous deployment of the airbags.

The usability of the Tech Air suit is also refined to meet the rigors of motorbike riding. For example, when the airbags deflate back to the pre-crash condition, the suit can be once again used as advanced protective gear. Moreover, there is an activation mode that precisely senses if the driver is in his proper riding position and if he is in motion; and that avoids the accidental deployment of the airbags during stationary circumstances.

Of course, as can be comprehended from the awesome state of affairs, the Tech Air is a costly suit, with a price tag of $5,000. But that is a low price to pay, when it boils down to the matter of enhanced personal safety and visits to the hospital.

Alpinestars' Tech Air suit

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