Catchbox: World’s first soft, throwable wireless microphone for audiences


One big problem, to get audiences involved in a healthy conversation whenever a conference or meeting turns to question from the audience, is getting the microphone across to each one in the audience diligently. Enter the Catchbox, a wireless microphone that can be thrown around safely in the audience to liven up their participation in the event. As easy as throw, catch and talk, the Catchbox is an all new way of getting the audience involved in the conversations more quickly and easily than ever before. Using the Catchbox is really simply, if someone in the audience has a question, you throw them the Catchbox. This not only makes the conversation faster, but also adds an element of fun.

Catchbox wireless microphone

Developed by a Finland-based hardware startup, the Catchbox is a brightly colored cuboid, which houses a wireless microphone inside a soft padded casing. So, you can easily toss the mic from one person to another, or across the room without hesitation. The Catchbox is drop and crash proof, and has be very innovatively engineered to mute sound when tossed in the air, meaning you’ll hear no unwanted sounds. The Catchbox, compatible with all types of stereos, computers and professional sound gadgets, is available for pre-order at €395 (approx. $549).

Via: TechCrunch



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