Christmas gift ideas: Best bikes for new age cyclists

Innovative bicycles for Christmas Eve

Christmas bells have already started ringing in our ears and with less than 9 days to go for the Christmas Eve to arrive people around the world are on a shopping spree to celebrate this auspicious occasion. And from all the options that buyers have to gift something special to their loved ones, a bicycle/bike comes on top of the list simply because of its utility and eco-friendly credentials. Especially people who like to conserve nature and are acquitted with the benefits of eco-friendly living. So here we present some of the most stylish yet different bikes that will make for a very special Christmas gift to loved ones, followed by a few bicycles that attracted our attention buy unfortunately are yet not available for purchase.

# Recyclable Cardboard Bicycle

Cardboard bicycle

Izhar Gafni has built a bicycle that has folded cardboard as its main ingredient and this eco-friendly bike is completely unperturbed by water and humid environment. Magically crafting a bicycle out of recycled cardboards like origami art seems like a noble thought and in fact captures the imagination of rider as well as people passing it by. Interestingly the cardboard bike is quite capable of carrying a person weighing 140 kg and costs less than your average shopping bill in a supermarket.

Buy: $20

Cardboard bicycle

# Bicymple

Bicymple bike by Josh Bechtel

Designed by Josh Bechtel, Bicymple bicycle changes the very basic design of a bicycle as it has no chains and has direct-drive freewheeling hub joining the crank axis with rear wheel axis. On first look it may seem that this bike would be hell lot difficult to maneuver around but in reality it is exactly the opposite as it offers maneuverability in tight spaces with utmost ease. Bicymple has a very compact wheelbase of 31” which facilitates in instant turning, perfect for urban riding and driving in spaces where space is very cramped up. Bicymple will come in three models; the fixed gear, freewheeling and 2-speed one.

Buy: $800

# Sandwichbike

Sandwichbike by Basten Leijh

Made from twin wooden frame packed into one, the Sandwichbike is an all new bicycle concept designed by Basten Leijh. So basically it is a wooden frame bike having weather-coated layer beech plywood instead of the traditional metal frame giving it a weight advantage at 17 kg. What’s interesting is the fact that it can be disassembled/assembled in just 30 minutes in case you have space crunch while transporting it. In fact when it ships to your doorstep it will come in a cardboard box and you’ll have to assemble it yourself. Sandwichbike has started shipping in Europe from 1st December 2013 and will start shipping to other parts of the globe from 1st January 2014.

Buy: $1099

# ElliptiGO 3C

ElliptiGO 3C bicycle

Coming as a custom-made product for fitness enthusiasts and people who like to go for running in the morning hours, the ElliptiGO 3C bicycle is ideal for flat terrain riding and mild inclines. Equipped with a 3 gear riding system this bike can easily traverse terrains with 5% incline at 15 mph speed and on flat ground can hurl up to 25 mph. The bicycle offers 3 different levels of resistance depending on your training regime. In a way ElliptiGO 3C is your cardio workout assist as you go on enjoying the cool breeze of the morning time.

Buy: $1799

ElliptiGO 3C bicycle

# YikeBike


Deemed as the smallest and lightest folding electric bike, The YikeBike is designed keeping in mind urban commuting. Giving you the freedom to carry it anywhere like a briefcase in folded position, the electric bike has a very uniquely designed handlebar that sits on the back side of the riding position rather than the traditional front-on position.

YikeBike bicycle

Tested to the most extreme by YikeBike Headquarters, this bicycle actually stimulated years of use without showing any major problems. The bike can be converted into a trike with the Trike attachment and comes in a variety of models namely the Fusion Model, Synergy Model and Carbon model.

Buy: $1,995

# Epitaph Cruiser bicycle

Epitaph Cruiser bicycle by Autum Shere

Fit for the plushest urban commuters who like to stamp their style statement while riding the streets, the Epitaph Cruiser bicycle by Autum Shere is impressive. Breaking the jinx of two wheel drive for bicycles, it has four wheels with each pair of two wheels stuck together for a more comfortable and stable ride. Made from powder-coated steel frame and featuring aged leather for the seating, handlebar and inserts, this affluent bike is tailor-made for rich and the famous. The oversized from double alloy rims and rear forks look intimidating and the fixed gear system gives it a very clean look on first sight.

Buy: $2950

Epitaph Cruiser bicycle by Autum Shere

# Marrs M-1 e-Bike

Marrs M-1 e-Bike

Perhaps one of the sexiest electric bike that you’ll ever see, this bicycle looks like a Harley Davidson with chains and pedals. A cross between a traditional bicycle and a Harley Davidson chopper, the M-1 e-Bike has a small little lithium ion battery that hurls it to a top speed of 20 mph for around 20 miles on one charge. The total weight of this e-bike is around 140 lbs and it comes with hydraulic disc brake system. The frame, fork and handlebars are made of 4130 chromoly tubing and the 3-piece crank set gives it further rigidity. Although the hefty price tag might deter most of you from even considering buying it but still it is one dream bike for everyone.

Buy: $7500

# Donhou Bicycle

Donhou Bicycle

Built for speed, the Donhou Bicycle by Tom Donhou can hit 60 miles per hour in the blink of an eye and the buck doesn’t stop there, the team is gunning to touch speeds of 100 mph. The custom bike is made from Royce chainring and the steel frame geometry is ideal for aerodynamic function.

Buy: Price on request

Bicycles that are cool but not available for purchase

# BOND Bicycle

BOND Bicycle Flame throwing

Built of notorious Deterrents (BOND) Bike by designer Yannick Read is fit for the next James Bond movie as it is laden with flame thrower, ejector seat, ski blade and caterpillar track. Created after a survey conducted by ETA regarding the most frustrating elements while riding a bicycle in crowded city streets and to eliminate these deterrents. This BOND all-terrain bicycle is a nemesis for too aggressive vehicle riders as they would think twice before coming close to this bicycle.

BOND Bicycle Flame throwing

According to Yannick Read

Wannabe James Bonds will be disappointed to hear that we have no plans to sell the B.O.N.D Bike, but it shouldn’t be necessary for cyclists to resort to flame throwers to get a little consideration on the roads. Correct road positioning and an assertive riding style can dramatically reduce cars and lorries passing too close.

# EADS Airbike

3D printed EADS Airbike

Deemed as the world’s first bike made from 3D printing ALM technology that uses high-strength nylon powder, Airbike can be custom made to rider’s specification without any problem. The technology allows the bike to be 65 percent lighter as compared to a similar bicycle made from steel or aluminum material. The bike looks very compact and fit for urban junkies who like to show-off their rides in public.



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