Patrick Priebe’s homemade laser rifle burns through glasses and ice

Patrick Priebe's homemade laser rifle

A few days, ago we talked about how DIYers have created a bevy of replicas from the Call of Duty: Ghosts arsenal. However, this time around, things take a more real (and hence, ominous) turn with a homemade laser rifle. Crafted by Patrick Priebe, who already has the distinction of creating ‘working’ contraptions like the Iron Man Gauntlet and the wrist mounted laser crossbow, the rifle does allude to the dictum – form follows function. In this regard, we are witness to the robust aluminum body of the laser gun that houses a 7 watt infrared burning laser, complemented by a 2 milliwatt red aiming laser. And, what does the setup do? Well, it is capable of burning and cutting holes through glass, ice blocks and Styrofoam!

Patrick Priebe's homemade laser rifle

In terms of sheer specs, the aluminum body weighs at around 12 lbs, and incorporates an assortment of boisterous components. This includes – a 18 volt rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack (that can dish out 12,000 volts), a 12 volt pump that can circulate a liter of water to cool the power-train, and a complementary LCD screen that displays the temperature of the water in case it gets too high. All of these are accompanied by the aforementioned laser mechanisms, including the burning and aiming parts.

Patrick Priebe's homemade laser rifle

According to the designer, the ‘Laser Rifle Prototype Mk 1’ works at its efficient best when fired from a distance of 13 ft. However, we must dash your hopes of ever owning one of these crazy contrivances. As per Patrick Priebe’s policy, the designs and their schematics are not for sale. But you can surely gawk at the video below for those unfulfilled fantasies of tackling a Ceph or the Covenant with a big-ass laser gun.

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