Jaze Phua’s LED boosted Iron Man figurine made from old soda cans

Jaze Phua's Iron Man figurine

When it comes to the realm of DIY Iron Man contrivances, the designs ranging from flying suits to 3D printed helmets are galore. However this time around, we have also come across a bit of ‘conscientious’ ingenuity, with Jaze Phua’s Iron Man figurine made entirely from 60 used soda cans. A 22-year old artist and filmmaker from Singapore, Phua was irrecoverably inspired from the day he watched the first Iron Man movie. As a result of his fascination, he started brainstorming and finally created a helmet from used cans. After its success, he also realized that aluminum is a credible material for a larger scaled design. Finally, he got around to building a Iron Man figurine bedecked with glorious details and LED razzmatazz.

Jaze Phua's Iron Man figurine

In terms of ‘purist’ features, Phua’s aluminum creation boasts of a magnetic helmet that can be opened, along with movable joints. These structural attributes are further complemented by an assortment of lighting features. They include the deft incorporation of LEDs inside the eyes, the heart region (Tony Stark’s greatest invention – the arc reactor) and inside the palm regions. The battery packs powering these lights are hidden along inconspicuous compartments on the both the front and back side of the toy.

Jaze Phua's Iron Man figurine

As for the conception of the design, the scope goes beyond its recycled can credentials. The DIYer has also made use of other mundane household items, like –  a box fan, double-sided sticky tape and glue. And of course, it is the end result that strikes us with its ’embodiment’ of what could be achieved with a bit of resourcefulness and passion. For your visual pleasure, do not forget to watch the video!

Via: MakerFlux


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