Iron Man suits to be mass produced with injection molding technology?

Mass produced Iron Man suits

We have prattled about a myriad of Iron Man related DIY designs, with the latest one being talked about in today morning itself. However, as veteran geeks, we are seriously bamboozled by this tidbit coming from the vast realm of the net based grapevine. According to sources, there is a bold design proposal to commercially produce Iron Man suits with their ‘bells and whistles’ of electronic features. Christened as the Iron Man Mark III project, the crowd funded endeavor will be undertaken by the so-called Iron Man Factory, a design team/company (with expertise in injection molding) based in Shenzhen, China.

Mass produced Iron Man suits

As TechCrunch puts it, the whole team comprises of many engineers who have more than 15 years of experience in casting technology. In fact, the workers have already collaborated with designers in Beijing to manufacture the ‘prototype’ line of 3D printed Iron Man helmets. But as we all know, 3D printing can be expensive; and now the company is looking forth to mass produce Iron Man suits with injection molding technology.

Mass produced Iron Man suits

We did mention something about the Iron Man project’s crowd funded nature. In that regard, the company is aiming towards a substantial $1 million goal. The products will mainly entail three types of suits – the mass-produced 5,000 Iron Man suits (crafted with injection molding) with $1,999 price tag; the 10 Iron Man helmets (3D printed) with $1,299 price tag; and 5 ‘special’ Iron Man suits (3D printed) with $35,000 price tag. In terms of specs, the AAA battery powered 3D printed suits will weigh just 6.6 lbs, and will have carbon fiber/polymer body with advanced metal joints.

Well, as far as all these cool features go, we are seriously enticed by the scope. However, the major commercial obstacle lies with the licensing agreements that Marvel Entertainment would be loathe to part with. We already see the downturn effect, with a YouTube video (showing the manufacturing process of these 3D printed Iron Man helmets) being removed due to Marvel’s copyright claim.

Mass produced Iron Man suits


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