The wearable full HD MeCam captures video on the go

MeCam HD Mini Wearable Video Camera
With the flurry of selfies flooding our social media platforms, it really comes as no surprise that many devices are catering to this niche of casual photography. However, that doesn’t mean the purist, outdoorsy types have been left in the dark. Like a breath of fresh air, this is quite evident from the MeCam HD, a 2×2-inches, wearable video camera with an aim to capture life’s cherished moments on the go. The hand-free mechanism brings out the culmination of various technological developments we have seen over the years. These include – a full HD capability (1080p), a proprietary video editing solution, and a host of wearable options that keeps the camera safely secured to your outdoor apparel.

MeCam HD

The full HD video shooting capability is achieved with MeCam HD’s high-grade glass lens. The high resolution of your videos is equally complemented by the usability factor. In this regard, an app (for both Android and iOS) connects the camera to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, which allows you to view your subject (stuff you take videos of) in real-time, and share your content without logging into to a computer. The high-grade glass lens also boasts of quality contrast and rich color saturation, while a built-in gyroscope provides stabilization when capturing images.

MeCam HD

As for other features, we did mention something about a video editing solution. Well, MeCam has collaborated with HighlightCam to develop an easy-to-use editing tool. This software gathers the ‘special moments’ from your footage, and then combines them to create a specially edited video. This newly edited footage can be shared by the users through the MeCam site.

Finally, the MeCam HD also has quite a few wearing options, including a clip bracket and the safety pin bracket. The wearable scope is accompanied by a sturdy neck strap, while the designers are  looking forth to develop other mounting and casing modes.

Retail Price – $260; for more details, refer to crowdsourcing platform Dragon Innovation’s product page.


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