James Bridle’s advanced spaulder alerts us when spied by security cameras

James Bridle's advanced spaulder

Medieval history enthusiasts will surely know about the spaulder – an effective (and advanced for that time) piece of metallic armor that protected the soldier’s shoulders. However, newer eras bring new kind of enemies, some who could be seen and some who are relatively inconspicuous. Well, London-based artist James Bridle has crafted an ‘armor’ to protect us from the second, more-sneaky category. He has ingeniously devised what can be termed as a wearable ‘advanced spaulder’ that detects the remote monitoring scheme of surveillance cameras. In simpler terms, the contraption warns you if you are the subject of a hidden security camera.

The working scope of this surveillance spaulder entails the incorporation of a special CCTV detector. It filters the collective light spectrum to isolate the infrared lighting emanating from security cameras. On receiving the signal of this isolation process, the device sends electric pulses (via a ‘pair of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation pads’) to the shoulders. This in turn causes the shoulders to twitch, when the surveillance camera is eyeing you.

In many ways, the innovative scope serves as an antithesis to conventional wearable technology. In a normal ambit, the individual is connected to the cloud through various networking systems, thus alluding to conformation and societal links. However, the surveillance spaulder hints at the much needed privacy on a personal level, by utilizing our intrinsic body mechanisms. Of course, the shielding of privacy is not achieved by directly affecting the security systems, but rather initiated by alerting us on a ‘personalized’ level.

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