Christmas gift ideas: Performance enhancing gizmos for sportspersons

Christmas gift-ideas Performance-enhancing gizmos for sportspersons

Being a sportsperson you always want to be the best at your game and technological advancements can provide you the much needed edge to stay ahead of the competition. Be it golf, tennis, baseball, soccer or winter sports; technology can provide you with the tools and insight of your own game as compared to others around you and also embellish you with tips and tricks from the pros themselves. Moreover custom modules of sports accessories of the new age give you the leverage to get a much detailed insight of the nifty little shortcomings that might be affecting your game in a big way. So for our sports lover readers and outdoor sports enthusiast we have a collection of sports accessories and gadgets that will improve your game in a big way.

# Instabeat

Instabeat heartrate monitor

Developed by Olympics swimmer Hind Hobeika this heart rate monitor keeps a track on heartbeat while swimming and provides all the data in a HUD interface in the goggles itself so that the swimmer is one step ahead of the competition. The waterproof monitor can be mounted onto any swim goggles and once the swimmer takes a dive the data is displayed in yellow, red and green colors to signify swim harder, pulse approaching peak level and on track respectively.

Buy: $100

Instabeat heartrate monitor

# Shine by Misfit

Shine Tracker

Depending on your activities and personal preference, the Shine is flexible and can be worn in a number of different ways thanks to its clever magnetic clasp design. You can clip it to your shirt’s pocket, wear it as a cufflink, attach it to your running shoes or can even wear and hide it under your clothes. Unlike wearable trackers like the Fuelband, Shine is waterproofed not just water-resistant. If you’re into surfing, swimming or a tri-athlete, the Shine has the ability to track all of these activities, not just your steps.

Buy: $120

# 8 board

8 Board Golf Swing Trainer

In golf your swing determines the accuracy of your shot and control on the golf ball, so it is highly advised to improve golf swing to get a winning golf game. 8 Board by Grail Sports is one gadget that improves your golf swing from the very basic level. Used by many pro golfers, the 8 board accessory analyses everything right from your swivel to hip movement to give in-depth information on how to improve things.

Buy: $120

# Zepp 3D motion sensor

Zepp 3D motion sensor for golf tennis and baseball

For tennis, baseball and golf players we have a cool little gizmo called Zepp 3D Motion Sensor that fine tunes small little shortcomings by showing all the vital data on your smartphone or tablet. Developed strictly keeping in mind the requirements of athletes, this motion sensor records every small detail like your baseball swing, tennis racquet swing, golf swing etc. to give you the exact loopholes so that you can amend them and considerably improve your game.

Buy: $150

# Reebok Checklight

Reebok Checklight

Player head injuries are common occurrences in sports like soccer, rugby and football which can ruin a player’s career. And not much has been done to prevent or keep a check on the impacts during the game. Reebok Checklight is one innovative gadget that can be worn by the player easily on the head, with or without a helmet to measure the intensity and frequency of head impacts suffered by players during the passage of a game or practice session. The head gear is loaded with colored LEDs to display the diagnostic status of the player.

Buy: $150

# Trace action sports tracker

Trace action sports monitor

The ideal accessory for a surfer, skater, skier or snowboarder to monitor routines and collect data regarding speed, distance covered, rotation and much more. This small little gizmo can be attached to your surfboard, skateboard, skates or skies and thereafter all the data collected can be displayed on smartphone or tablet. The data collected can then be analyzed to monitor performance, statistics and performance compared to others. Trace action sports tracker comes with a compatible Android and iOS app which connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

Buy: $169

# VideoHead helmets

VideoHead Helmet

The ideal accessory for an action sports junkie, the VideoHead Helmet can be carried around easily in a backpack and when you need to record your moves it comes very handy. VideoHead Helmet has all the recording, camera adjustment and other buttons in the right ergonomic position so that the user doesn’t have to seek them out when in a hurry. The VideoHead helmet comes in three different models which vary in the amount of storage space and the footage quality that the user gets of the recorded action.

Buy: $189

# 94Fifty Sensor Basketball

94Fifty sensor basketball by InfoMotion Sports Technologies

InfoMotion Sports Technologies has come up with the world’s first smart basketball that provides real-time data on the skills of handler thereby improving the game drastically. Equipped with 6 internal motion sensors that evaluate the handling of basketball, this innovate 94Fifty Sensor Basketball captures 6,000 points data in one second. The data collected includes the dribbling force induced, shooting skills, backspin, short speed and the consistency of the dribbler with the ball.

Buy: $295

# Recon Snow2 HUD

Snow2 HUD by Recon

This heads-up display by Recon Instruments gives snowboarders and skiers up to date information on the current speed GPS location and other vital data that helps them keep their minds to improving their runs on the slopes. Snow2 HUD is equipped with a dual-core processor that keeps you ahead of the game as it provides instant information on the upcoming slopes, the vertical decent and jump airtime. The Wi-Fi connectivity is further improved, which directly enhances the user experience in a new Snow2 social platform for sharing your achievements, while also helping you with those weather forecasts and route checks.

Buy: $400/$308

# Kayak power meter

Kayak power meter

The ideal monitor for a kayaker, the Kayak Power Meter is a carbon fiber paddle that attaches to your kayak blade to give precise data on the power output, balance of paddling and the stroke rate to improve your performance while riding a kayak. Fitted with a gyroscope, accelerometer and internal sensors the gadget provides very detailed data on the kayaking style and the improvements in stroking that the user can incorporate.

Buy: $800



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