Heapsylon intros Sensoria Fitness Socks for tracking our workout capacity

Sensoria Fitness Socks

We have had our trysts with a host of fitness trackers, some in their suit forms and some in their gadgetry embodiment. However, this time around, things take a bit of a conventional route with Heapsylon unveiling their Sensoria Fitness Socks. As the name suggests, the conception basically entails a pair of ‘smart’ socks that can gauge your workout benchmarks, including quantifiable attributes like speed, calories and distance covered. Interestingly, the Sensoria Fitness Socks also have a myriad of features that sets apart the contrivance from comparable fitness trackers like Nike’s Fuel Band. These ‘special’ advantages include the provision of real-time info and related tips that allude to more personalized workout sessions.

The real-time tracking entails the detection of complex scenarios that involve ‘personal’ techniques, like – the gait when exercising, the landing of feet when skipping, or the weight distribution on the foot area when it touches the ground while running. All of the data is processed by the sock system, which further allows it to ‘hunt’ for potentially injuring spots. Consequently, the device transmits this info to the user, along with preventive tips to improve upon the individual techniques.

As for the communication scope, the Sensoria Fitness Socks have their Bluetooth enabled clips that fasten to your ankles. This allows the transmission of collected data via Bluetooth to a dedicated smartphone app.

The Sensoria Fitness Socks are already up for pre-ordering, with a special retail price of $199 for each bundle (comprising of four pairs of socks, the ‘anklet’ and the app). The official launching period will commence in March of next year, while the designers look forth to develop an even more ergonomic form of the anklet.

Sensoria Fitness Socks

For pre-ordering, you can follow Sensoria Fitness’s home page.


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