Hot rod made from 500,000 Legos with fully functional air-powered Lego engine

Super Awesome Micro Project air powered engine lego car

Making scaled down Lego model of a car like Ford Mustang Shelby or Pagani Zonda is one thing but commissioning a full size Lego car and that too with an engine made completely out of Lego is one amazing achievement. Made from more than 500,000 Lego pieces, the radial engine of this air-powered masterpiece vehicle is made from four orbital engines and 256 pistons, all made from standard piece of Legos. Created by Steve Sammartino (Melbourne entrepreneur) and 20 year old Raul Oaida (tech wizard from Romania) the full sized Lego car project is dubbed as Super Awesome Micro Project and once the Lego car was built in Romania, it was then shipped to a secret location in Melbourne.

The Lego car achieves a top speed of around 20-30 km per hour and even though it is capable of more, the duo decided to avoid doing it as they were scared that the Lego parts of the car engine would explode if pushed further. Taking the shape of a hot rod this yellow and black colored Lego car is one of its kind and being air-powered makes it an innovative design of the future. The hot rod design cost almost NZ$22,000 to make and in the end it turned out to be one cool creation.

Super Awesome Micro Project air powered engine lego car

The only parts that are non Lego in this hot rod are tires, gauges and wheel rims. Although the seats of this car are not that comfortable but still one can compromise on that as this is one of its kind vehicle in the world.

Super Awesome Micro Project air powered engine lego car

Steve and Raul have also created a small space shuttle made from Lego parts in the past and managed to launch it into space as it achieved an altitude of 35,000 meters above the earth. This clearly shows their love for Lego creations and also the ability to make use of technology by weaving it around their niche imagination.



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