‘AR for Her’ line of wireless Bluetooth speakers aimed at modern women

'AR for Her' line of wireless Bluetooth speakers

Alright, we will say it, even if Acoustic Research has oddly kept mum about the whole affair – the above pictured wireless Bluetooth speakers look like handbags. That necessarily isn’t a bad thing; in fact, the replication is quite well done in terms of novelty. However, when a tech-oriented product is specifically aimed towards the fairer sex, it doesn’t have to be so redundantly obvious about its ‘feminine’ credentials. Anyway, beyond rantings and some design considerations, the ‘AR for Her’ line of accessories does have its fair share of advanced features.

'AR for Her' line of wireless Bluetooth speakers

As we mentioned before, the speakers can wirelessly stream music with the help of their Bluetooth connectivity. Hence, music can be played directly from the smartphones and the tablets by totally eschewing those dastardly paraphernalia of wires and cords. The usability factor is however more ‘collective’ with a separate auxiliary input for wire sources. The user convenience is further notched up with a built-in battery system with a substantial 8 hour battery life and rechargeable ability.

'AR for Her' line of wireless Bluetooth speakers

Of course, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the AR for Her will surely be its sophisticated design (beyond the handbag-esque form factor). Comprising of soft, chamfered corners, details of leather work and wholesome facades with tufted fabric trend, the essence certainly alludes to elegance. As David Geise, President of VOXX Accessories Corporation (parent company of Acoustic Research) summarizes-

We created AR for her so that women looking to express their tech savvy style can go beyond the fashionable smartphone case, and opt for attractive yet functional items made especially for her.

'AR for Her' line of wireless Bluetooth speakers

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