The ultra-svelte Flashcard3 boasts of Li-ion battery and LED light

The ultra-svelte Flashcard3

20 years ago, the Flashcard rocked the technological realm by emerging as the world’s first ultra thin flashlight. With its ridiculously thin profile and baffling commercial success (with millions of units in sale), the svelte contraption was permanently displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. And now, fast forwarding to 2013, the utterly slim flashlight is back and better than ever. How so? Well, the so-named Flashcard3 has been upgraded with host of fascinating design features that pertains to both its form factor and technology.

Regarding the first category, the new Flashcard3 is a whopping 40 percent thinner and 25 percent lighter than its predecessor. This brings the dimension down to only 1.5 mm of thickness, along with only 18 g weight. The form factor is also improved on the aesthetic level with an embossed card body complemented by frosted lens. The elegant facades are further draped in a protective cardboard casing with a tactile snap dome switch (for activating the flashlight).

As for the technological attributes, the Flashcard3 adopts the advantages of contemporary mobile phone features. This includes a built-in Li-ion battery with a robust 450 mAh power-train. The integrated set-up juices up an energy efficient LED with wide angle power chip. This results in what the designers tout as a ‘penetrating flood of warm white light’.

So, at the end of the day, the scope is not only about the gimmicky nature of an ultra-thin flashlight mechanism, it is also about the credible luminous power offered the mobile contraption.

The ultra-svelte Flashcard3

Dimensions – 90 x 69 x 1.5 mm (playing card footprint), Price – $8

For buying details, please refer to the product page.


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