Christmas gift ideas: Outdoor accessories for adventure junkies

Christmas gift ideasOutdoor-accessories for adventure seekers

We all seek adventure in our life, be it stimulated by some tangible items or on the more spiritual side through natures glory. For the ones who like to explore planet Earth and get the adrenaline rush, there is nothing better than getting hold of your adventure gear and heading towards the wilderness, away from all the hassle of urban life. But sometimes it gets very difficult to choose the adventure gear that is most required in your backpack in case of emergencies or survival. For this you need to get hold of the latest tech savvy adventure gear accessories that are easy to carry and fit in your backpack without taking much space. So take a jump to read on for the most popular adventure gear accessories that will help you out in chalk and cheese situations during your adventure, trekking and hiking trips.

# Bear Grylls Compact Compass

Bear Grylls Compact Compass by Gerber

Whenever you have doubts about your current direction when you are out there in the woods, a compass is one thing you can rely on for getting safely back to base camp. Bear Grylls Compact Compass by the ultimate adventure junkie and Gerber is the ideal tool to carry at all times in your backpack or hang by your neck as it is light-weight and compact.

Buy: $11

# Reflective Rope Pack

Reflective Rope Pack

When you are setting up your tent in pitch dark this Reflective Rope Pack can solve your problem of getting it together in a perfect manner as it glows in the dark. Even when you need some length of rope while trekking in the night time, this Reflective Rope Pack comes in very handy. One problem that adventure junkies face while in the woods is that of getting tangled in the rope itself. With Reflective Rope Pack you won’t complain about that anymore.

Buy: $12

# Tactical Fire Striker Pen

Tactical Fire Striker pen

Making fire is not easy until you are bear Grylls or caveman. So it is better to be safe with the Tactical Fire Striker Pen in your pocket in every adventure trip that you venture on. You just have to twist the tip of the pen to reveal the fire striker bit of this pen and then the ridged part of the pen can be used to strike against the fire striker to make sparks.

Buy: $40

# Survival Wrist Band

Survival wristband

This is one of our favorite outdoor adventure tool that sits on your wrist just like any other wrist band except for the fact that it morphs into a life saver when needed. The wrist band tactically hides a can opener, fishing line, fishing hook, flint starter rod, 12 inch 550 Paracord, handcuff key and a buckle with built-in whistle. The paracord comes in handy as a shoe lace, weapon sling, fire bow, animal snare, dental floss or anything else that you can think of.

Buy: $50

# Cardsharp4

Cardsharp4 knife

CNC machined from a strip of lightweight aluminum the Cardsharp4 metal knife is a card shaped tool that turns into a knife by unlocking in a certain specific way courtesy the Zytel safety lock system. This in turn makes sure that the knife is only used when needed and doesn’t harm anyone accidentally while looking for other tools in the backpack. The tool measures 3.370” long, 2.125” wide x .o86” thick and weighs just .846 ounces.

Buy: $90

# Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

The ideal thing to have around when on adventure trips because it is nectar for your power hungry gadgets like smartphone, tablet or digital music player, this compact charging device makes sure your gadgets are always charged up. To keep your gadgets filled with energy every time Brunton Hydrogen Reactor has small cartridges of pure hydrogen and to produce 8500 mAh electric energy (per core) the hydrogen reacts with oxygen from air. This energy produced is enough to juice up a smartphone like iPhone 5 times to full brim.

Buy: $170

# iON Air WiFi camera

iON Air WiFi camera

Those who venture out on adventure trips to catch footage of exclusive events like an avalanche or adventure sports like paragliding, the iON Air WiFi camera is perfect tool to carry in your backpack. Capable of recording videos in 1080P (1920 x 1080 resolution) at 30fps/60fps and stills at 12 megapixel quality, the camera has field of view up to 160 degrees and also features an anti-fog lens. iON Air WiFi camera is waterproof up to 15 meters and weighs 142 grams.

Buy: $350

# Chaval Response XRT Heated Gloves

Chaval Response XRT heated gloves

Winters are in full bloom now and going out on adventure trips means that you’ll have cold hands and arms all the time. But if you have Chaval Response XRT heated gloves then you won’t complain of cold arms and feet again. Having the ability to keep your hands warm for almost three times more time duration than other similar products in the market is what makes them worth buying. The gloves can be charged just like you would charge your gadgets and being lightweight they are the one adventure accessory that you won’t forget to carry along with you.

Buy: $390

# Stingray Air

Stingray Air tent

This 3 person portable treehouse tent will save you from the hassle of constructing your temporary sleeping base in case you are lost in the woods. Available in 10 color options, the portable tent is has an insect mesh roof and can be either suspended in the air or placed on the ground. Stingray Air tent weighs just 7.9 kg and has a waterproof Flysheet for protection from snow and rain.

Buy: $749

# Oru Kayak

Foldable Oru kayak

Dubbed as Oru Kayak, the origami folding boat designed by Willis caught everyone’s eye, as it folds into a compact box in a jiffy so that you can carry it around like a bag anywhere. The inspiration of-course is the art of origami and perfect for adventurers who like to high the rough seas in their kayak with minimum hassle of transporting it to the remote locations.

Buy: $1095

# North Face Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack

North Face Patrol 24 ABS Avalanche Airbag Pack

Avalanches are one thing that every adventure seeker fears while traversing the slopes and for obvious reasons. To keep you safe in event of an avalanche the North Face ABS Patrol 24 Pack can be worn on your back and in case snow avalanche hits you, it automatically deploys the airbags to protect you. This adventure gear is courtesy the request of professional snowboarder Xavier Le Rue who got trapped in an avalanche four years ago.

Buy: $1179

# Foldable Stealth-X snow sled

Stealth X foldable snow sled

Your ideal companion on sloping mountains laden with snow, the Stealth-X snow sled is made from light-weight carbon fiber material and is foldable enough to be carried easily on your back. This snow sled gives all other traditional snow sleds a run for their money as it is compact enough and boast-of high performance in extreme conditions too.

Buy: $2549



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