Avegant’s Glyph HMD utilizes virtual retinal display for improved visuals

Avegant's Glyph HMD

Back in 2012, head mounted display product Oculus Rift created a crowd funding sensation by passing its substantial $250,000 Kickstarter goal within mere hours (ultimately leading to $2.4 million). And, now we have come across the Glyph from Avegant. The HMD’s core technology is fueled by what is known as the virtual retinal display (VRD). This special display utilizes an assortment of components, like  an LED with low power, a series of custom optics and an array of micro-mirrors to create a much crisper image than regular display products. This improved visual scope can be utilized for a variety of media applications, including – gaming console connected TVs, desktop screens and 3D films.

However, beyond just the ambit of technology, it is the smart form factor that really sets apart the Glyph HMD. Exhibiting a convertible design, the contraption showcases robust headphones with premium audio quality. The overhead band can be slightly flipped down to cover your eye area, thus transforming the product into a full fledged HMD. This usability scope could be complemented by integrated head tracking, which will result in a more engaging and responsive gaming experience. More importantly, the designers are looking forth to push this innovative technology into the realm of current games and media.

As for the commercial scheme of things, Avegant will start their Kickstarter campaign for Glyph by end of January, with pricing to start from $499. The company also plans to showcase the Glyph ‘beta’ head-sets to the public at CES on 6th January, 2014.

Avegant's Glyph HMD

For more details, refer to Avegant’s home page.


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