Oxelo intros their $615 ‘Klick’ electric scooter with easy folding features

Oxelo's Klick electric scooter

Oxelo, the specialist sporting accessory manufacturer (at French chain store Decathlon) has unveiled their very first electric scooter. Christened as the Klick, the remarkable feature of the conception will actually be its cheap price point, which will come with a tag of €449 (around $615). This considerably low price really stands out when compared with its closest competitor, the L Trott that retails for €779. Of course, beyond cost credentials, it is the low emission electric motor that works as an advantage for the scooter. This is complemented by easy folding features and a good suspension factor, thus establishing Klick as a light-weight ‘heavy weight’.

Oxelo's Klick electric scooter

In terms of the vehicle’s form factor, the Klick’s chassis is based on Oxelo’s very own Town 9 EasyFold. The battery is housed in a compartment above the front wheel, while the brake acting on the rear wheel will be reachable from the right-side handle. This means the throttle will remain on the left-side handle, just like in the case of EasyFold. The Klick also inherits EasyFold’s remarkably simple folding features along with credible suspension characteristics.

Oxelo's Klick electric scooter

As for the technical bragging rights, Oxelo has not divulged much info about the scooter’s specs. All we know is that Klick can achieve speeds of up to 23 km per hour, while a single charge (for 3 hours) accounts for a range of 20 kms.

Oxelo's Klick electric scooter

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