Cheerlights allows you to change LED colors by just tweeting via net

ioBridge Labs' Cheerlights

A few days ago, we talked about Incredible Machines’ Christmas Tree LEDs that could be controlled via the internet by anyone from anywhere on earth. And, now we have come across a similar conception in the form of Cheerlights. Envisaged as a DIY kit by ioBridge Labs (way back in 2011), the entire contrivance uses LEDs along with an Arduino based controller. This set-up connects to the Twitter via net connection; and as a glorious result – anyone from our planet can alter the LED colors by just tweeting about the Cheerlights.

According to ioBridge Labs’ co-founder Hans Scharler, the Cheerlights project has been a rousing success, with more than 5,000 tweets powering the vibrancy of the contraption. However, the ambit doesn’t stop there; people and companies have added on to the mass-level lighting synchronization offered by the scope. For example, we already have dedicated Android, iOS and Chrome apps that exhibit the current color combination of the Cheerlights. Interesting individual conceptions have also cropped up, like Raster’s innovative CheerLCD that comprises of a full fledged 3D printed Christmas tree (see below image).

ioBridge Labs' Cheerlights

So, at the end of the day, the Cheerlights project doesn’t entail any seriously ‘functional’ cloud-based application. But it more than makes up for it by the cheers it brings to thousands around the world. And, in case you are enticed by the endeavor, you can check the current lighting color by following this link.

ioBridge Labs' Cheerlights


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