Ayra Bluetooth speaker packs a punch in small form factor

Ayra Bluetooth speaker

In a world flooded with portable Bluetooth speakers that will cost you a good amount of money, Ayra is your best bet when it comes to quality sound at a reasonable price. Small enough to fit inside the palm of your hand, the Ayra Bluetooth speaker is probably the smallest wireless Bluetooth speaker in the market which has the sound comparable to a boombox. So if you were not looking at this small little speaker, you would pre-assume that the sound being played is coming from a considerably bigger speaker. Ayra pairs up with your Bluetooth compatible device like Android, Apple, Mac or PC and is good to go for 7 hours of non-stop playback for audio content like movies, games, music and more. When you don’t want to use Ayra with Bluetooth connectivity, you can hook your gadget via the 3.5 mm jack.

Ayra Bluetooth speaker

Ayra Bluetooth speaker is up on Indiegogo platform for funding and even before its stipulated goal achievement time limit it has amassed almost double the funding goal which makes sure that people who have pledged money will get it at discounted price of $45. You can also pledge money for this cool little speaker and get it at discounted price up till December 31st. However the retail price is going to be a tad higher at $60 but still far less than what you slash out for speakers of the same quality from big brands. And mind you those branded portable speakers are not as small as Ayra and also don’t produce that much thump in sound.

Ayra Bluetooth speaker

# Ayra Bluetooth speaker specifications

Bluetooth 3.0 +EDR

• Includes an audio jack that works with all devices that have a 3.5mm jack

• Loudspeaker : 2.6Ω 3W

• Working voltage: 3.7V, with a Lithium battery built-in (400MAH), working current 300MA

• Includes charging function, charging voltage: 5V, the charging current : 100MA (7-10 hours of battery life)

• SNR≧95db,

• Frequency Range: 60HZ ~ 18KHZ, THD≦0.5%

• Bluetooth working range: 10M

• 40mm dynamic driver

We got the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with Joshua K. Fairbairn, the co-creator of Ayra Bluetooth speaker, and this is what he had to say to our inquisitive queries.

Joshua K Fairbairn

DamnGeeky: Tell us something about yourself. Your journey with Ayra so far?

Joshua K. Fairbairn: I did a 2 year volunteer service where I learned to speak fluent Mandarin Chinese. I first came to China with $500 in my pocket and set-up my first company – MorphoMFG . I specialized in product design, sourcing, and contract manufacturing. Over the last two years I have helped many entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality. As much as I like helping others, I wanted to build my own product. Enter: HeadCase Sound. We specialize in all audio electronics but this is our first branded product: The Ayra.

DamnGeeky: How is Ayra different from other wireless speakers available in market?

Joshua K. Fairbairn: Ayra is different in two ways:

1) Size: Most of the ‘portable’ speakers on the market are not at all portable… Unless you want to carry a backpack around most of the speakers just don’t cut it. I wanted to make a solution. The Ayra literally fits in your front pants pocket.

2) Price to Quality ratio: Big brands (Dr. Dre Beats / Bose / Sennheiser) with their enormous marketing budgets have forced consumers into thinking that their outrageous prices are realistic. They simply aren’t. The Dr. Dre Beats headphones retail for approximately $300. I can have them made in China for $22. Being here in China lets me cut all the middle men (distributors, trading agents, factory managers, etc.) out of the equation. This allows us to sell for a much more reasonable price of $45 for the campaign. Most people will think this means our speaker is of lower quality, but it’s not. I want to start a revolution in the consumer products industry that let’s people understand how much things should really cost.

DamnGeeky: You have already surpassed $4,500 goal on Indiegogo. Where do you go from here? Are you also on Kickstarter?

Joshua K. Fairbairn: Kickstarter was taking too long to approve our campaign so we cancelled it and just went for Indiegogo. It’s worked out well for us so far. We just passed $10,000! Hopefully some of the DamnGeeky readers will fall in love with it too! We are already working on our post-campaign distribution. We have setup deals with 3 retailers (still private) who will sell our product in the future.

DamnGeeky: What is the estimated time taken to completely charge the onboard lithium-ion battery?

Joshua K. Fairbairn: I charge my Ayra for 3-4 hours and it’s ready to go all day.

DamnGeeky: What are the exact dimensions of the device? How much it weighs?

Joshua K. Fairbairn: It is 70mm*70mm*30mm. It weights a very minimal 0.76 lbs (including packaging).

DamnGeeky: What will be the retail price of Ayra when it hits production?

Joshua K. Fairbairn: Once we are ready to go we expect to retail the Ayra for $59.99 which allows Indiegogo backers to get a decent discount if they buy now.

DamnGeeky: Your views on DamnGeeky, its coverage and design?

Joshua K. Fairbairn: I was initially attracted to DamnGeeky because of the logo. The main slider is also very well done and makes the reader feel as though the site is very interactive. After checking out your Alexa rating I realized that you have done a great job in gathering traffic/coverage for this site. I will definitely be a long-term reader and will be sure to spread the word throughout my network.

# Ayra Unboxing



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