Atheer 3D glasses with gesture and eye control interface

Atheer 3D smart glasses

Wearable technology is going to rule the roost in coming years and we have enough proof that high tech glasses will lead the bandwagon. Another intuitive project that claims to provide the end-user a very enriched experience when it comes to augmented reality reflected in your wearable glasses is the Atheer One portable smart glasses that support natural interaction for an unmatchable user experience. Up on Indiegogo platform for funding Atheer One has managed to fund almost 80% of the funding goal in just 8 days.

Atheer 3D smart glasses

Atheer One will be compatible with Android smartphone models made after 2011 and in the virtual interface it will show the user an Android tablet interface which is 26” HD and 50 cm away from the face.

Atheer 3D smart glasses

The interface is all 3D and the 1024×768 pixel screens displays every detail of the visual feed very clearly. Although the glasses weight almost 75 grams which might be a bit in the heavier side but still if it manages to put forth an amazing augmented reality interface that is controlled by hand gesture or eye movement then nobody is complaining.

Atheer One is going to be released in Atheer Development Kit (ADK) version too where developers will have the freedom to create their own apps for the smart glasses. The ADK version cost around $850, for early Indiegogo adapters it will cost $350 and others will get it at price of $500.



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