CES 2014: Paick’s ultra-slim Noble portable battery flaunts robust power-train

Paick's Noble portable battery

Touted as the ‘perfect merger between technology and high-end fashion’, the ultra-svelte Noble portable battery from Paick surely notches it up on the style factor. The device boasts of only 1/2-inch thinness, while its elegant form factor reminds us of high end smartphones. However, it is the power-train rather than aesthetics that comes in handy during practical charging scenarios. And, in that the sleekly built Noble doesn’t disappoint with its integrated Polymer lithium-ion battery cell with 6000mAh charge capacity.

The Noble comprises of a high-grade aluminum alloy casing with streamlined design complementing its swanky form factor. And as can be judged from its bantam size, the 150 g contraption has been specifically designed to be carried in our pockets and back packs. This improved usability factor is bolstered by the sheer degree of technological features exhibited by the portable battery. These include – a state-of-the-art Odin Circuit System, a touch-sensor for activation and incorporated LEDs that indicate the magnitude of charge remaining in the battery system.

Paick's Noble portable battery

The Noble also comes with a dust-proof dual-USB output (two USB ports and a Micro USB port) for charging your smartphones on the go. Its compatibility covers a wide spectrum of mobile devices, like Android, iOS and Window smartphones, along with tablets, MP3 players, iPods and Bluetooth gadgets.

The portable battery system will be showcased at CES 2014, starting from 7th January in Las Vegas.

Paick's Noble portable battery

Specs –
Charging Time – About 8 hours
Estimated Recharge Cycle – More than 500 times.
Conversion Rate – 85 percent
Dimensions – 118 x 72 x 13 (in mm)

Price – $65; Special pricing from now to March 2014 – $50. For buying details, please refer to the product page.


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