Lego Curiosity Mars Rover for your kids

Lego NASA MARS Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

Lego Cuusoo is all set to launch its official NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover designed by mechanical engineer Stephen Pakbaz who provided the design of the original Mars Curiosity Rover. Just as the Curiosity Rover explored un-inhabited regions of the red planet, you can use this Lego toy to explore the unexplored regions of your house or office. Consisting of 295 individual Lego pieces, the rover has to be put together piece by piece giving your child a unique experience and also making them aware about the beauty of this Universe. The Lego NASA MARS Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover is complete with all the details of the real thing like 6-wheel suspension, articulated robotic arm and multiple camera sets.

Lego NASA MARS Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

Lego NASA MARS Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover set also comes with Lego brick Martian rocks for testing out the suspension of your cool toy. The building instructions for This Lego Curiosity Rover are provided in the set booklet along with exclusive information. The rover measures 10cm x 15cm x 12cm (height, length, width respectively) and the robotic arm extender measures 7cm long so that you can pick up random objects and set your own Mars like environment for the weekend excitement.

All this you get for just $30 starting from January 1st 2014, so get this cool set of Lego building kit for your kids this New Year’s Eve.

Lego NASA MARS Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover



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