CES 2014: LG’s Pocket Photo 2 can print more photos from smartphones

LG Pocket Photo 2 at CES 2014

The photography aficionados and selfie enthusiasts will surely know about LG’s handy Pocket Photo, a mobile printer that allows direct printing of the photos taken from your smartphone. And, now with the chimes of CES ringing at all corners of the electronic realm, the Korean giant is about to showcase the full details of their second generation Pocket Photo. Exhibiting a more efficient form factor, the mobile contraption is slimmer than ever before. The dimensional credentials are bolstered by features that also make the Pocket Photo 2 a superior device to its predecessor

For starters, the second generation pocket printer has the ability to print 30 photos on one charge, which certainly alludes to its enhanced battery life. In regard to the working scope, the photos are printed at 600 DPI, while syncing support (via Bluetooth or NFC) is offered to the mobile operating systems of Android, iOS and Windows. Android users will also have the additional advantage of editing the photos with dedicated app of Pocket Photo.

LG Pocket Photo 2 at CES 2014

In terms of technology, LG’s mobile printer totally avoids the use of ink. Instead it is infused with the ZINK (Zero Ink) technology, which depends upon different heating rates for variant colors. This chemistry related attribute allows the ZINK to endows greater durability to the printed paper, along with less of smearing.

Lastly, coming to the commercial side of affairs – LG will unveil more details in this year’s CES, following it up with a South Korean launch by January.

LG Pocket Photo 2 at CES 2014

Via: Pocket-Lint


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