CES 2014: Samsung Smart Control TV remote with gesture recognition

Samsung Smart Control TV remote control

Over the decades TV design and technology has changed drastically but same cannot be said for the good old remote control that hasn’t had much upgrade of its flat rectangular aesthetics. 2014 Samsung Smart Control remote control gives you one more reason to believe that at least your TV remote control is as tech savvy as your other gadgets and gizmos lying around in the house. Samsung Electronics is set to reveal this high tech remote control that has smart gesture-recognition and completely revamped design at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The pebble-like oval design is ergonomically designed for better grip in hand and also features Voice Interaction functionality so that you can change channels or toggle volume without even touching the remote control.

Focused on users who seek internet video content, the Smart Control RC facilitates accurate content selection courtesy its gesture-recognition with new button console and touch pad. For example in the menu listing items the user can shift to them using gestures and further the content can be selected and accessed using four directional buttons. While using the Samsung Smart hub panels or accessing content listings with many pages, the remote’s circular touchpad can be used to flip from page to page, just like you would do with a real book.

# Samsung’s TV remote control evolution infographic

Samsung Smart Control TV remote control

Source: SamsungTomorrow



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