CES 2014: Lepow’s power banks magnetically attach to phone cases

Lepow's magnetic power banks

Months ago, we were astounded by the delectably geeky Iron Man power bank. However, this time around things take a more practical route with Lepow’s innovative power banks. Contrived in two variant models – Pixels and Pie, the contraptions exhibit duality of design. The power bank comes with a capacity of 3000mAh, while it attaches to a stylish phone case via a magnetized connection. So, in simpler terms, the device flexibly combines both a power bank and a phone case, and is compatible with smartphones of Samsung, HTC, and Apple.

According to  Lepow’s CEO, Jacky Fan –

Our new magnetized power-continuation solutions, ‘Pixels’ and ‘Pie’, are specially designed as true combinations of science, technology, and fashion. The power bank and phone case are easily attached using the magnetic plate that is on both of the items. Additionally, both models come in stylish fashion colors, allowing the user to choose the combination of colors that match his or her style.

As can be comprehended from the company’s aim, the duality of design and the complementary style is crucially related to the main allure of the power banks. However, the portable devices will also play their part in the usability side of affairs. For example, the detachable quality of the power banks will allow the user to remove the bulky component and just use the slim phone cover.

Furthermore, we can also use the ‘pliant’ power banks for newer phone models (when equipped with new phone cases). In all practical scenarios, the four LEDs visually indicate the power percentage remaining in the portable contraption.

The Pixels and Pie will be showcased in detail in this year’s CES. As for their pricing, both of the devices will retail for around $80. For buying details, please refer to the product page.


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