CES 2014: Low priced Archos smartwatches to stiffen competition

Archos smartwatches CES 2014

There is no doubting that we are going to see a plethora of smartwatches at CES 2014 and give a glimpse of the future of smartwatch technology. In the race for gaining smartwatch market supremacy, Archos is going to reveal its line-up of smartwatches that are going to be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. It is rumored that the smartwatch by Archos is going to cost less than £50 ($82) which is great news for the budget buyer. The new range of smartwatches will feature Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and Pebble smartwatch like form factor with a contoured design that fits perfectly on the wrist.

Archos smartwatches are centered on simplicity of use and functionality that makes end-users tasks easier. The smartwatch is going to have a rubber strap and the display is going to in all probability, black and white, but can expect a surprise colored display from Archos. Along with the lineup of smartwatches, Archos is going to take the drape off its collection of gadgets for home and personal use like weather station, home camera, blood pressure monitor and more.

Archos smartwatches CES 2014



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