CES 2014: GoKart cable camera can handily replace hefty dolly systems

GoKart cable camera system

When it comes to outdoor shooting sessions for sporting events and other motion capturing scenarios, the cameraman is unfortunately burdened with those hefty and unwieldy dolly systems. Well, inventor Ken Stone has found a way to traverse the clumsy and expensive mechanisms in favor of a fully compact and transportable system. The result is the GoKart cable camera system, which will be ceremoniously unveiled in this year’s CES. Touted as a viable contraption for modern day videographers, the system will adhere to the three pillars of advantages in the outdoor realm – portability, light-weight nature and affordability.

The GoKart cable camera system will be available in two variant models – the C class and the O class. The C class will be based on an open cable system model which is powered by an electric motor. On the other hand, the O class will comprise of a closed version with its module having pan and tilt capabilities.

In the both of the cases, the systems eschew the need for dedicated teams to handle the camera’s positional attributes. In fact, the GoKart cable camera will only require a single person to set-up the whole mechanism and operate it on an effective level. Furthermore, the efficient form factor allows it to be carried in a simple backpack, while the disassembling process doesn’t leave any environmental footprint.

We still have no word on the system’s pricing, though it can be safely assumed – the GoKart will cost less than conventional dolly systems. The product will be demonstrated from 7th to 10th January at CES, in booth 70110 in the Venetian Ballroom.

Via: LetsGoDigital


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