CES 2014: ZeroHour combines a tactical flashlight with USB battery backup

ZeroHour at CES 2014

A tactical grade flashlight infused with a USB connected power bank – this in a nutshell describes the ingeniously conceived ZeroHour, one of the very few Kickstarter projects to successfully cross the $100,000 threshold. In terms of nifty features, the ZeroHour boasts of a 1,000 lumen LED and 10,000mAh of USB backup power. The energy efficient LED component is complemented by an aircraft grade aluminum case, along with a host of illumination modes. This makes it easier to be used in different scenarios that require variant kinds of lighting. The flashlight credentials are accompanied by a compact battery system that can conveniently charge your USB devices (including smartphones and tablets) on the go.

The remarkable features of the ZeroHour are bolstered by its usability factor. This is aptly demonstrated by the waterproof battery backup, which makes it easier to carry around in backpacks, purses and even pockets. Furthermore, the flashlight displays its special structural credentials based on a modular form factor. This intrinsic flexibility allows you to remove all the internal components and battery from the contraption. This transforms the ZeroHour into a portable, waterproof storage case where you can keep your small items like matches, keys, lighter and money.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, we did mention the successful crowd-funded campaign undertaken by the product’s designers (Amy Truong and Aaron Son). In this regard, the ZeroHour will be available for pre-order from its product page, starting at $130 (the combo will retail for $175). The handy gadget will also makes its public debut in this year’s CES, and will be commercially available from March.


Dattatreya Mandal

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