CES 2014: Streamz headphones have built-in wireless music player with streaming ability

Streamz - World's First Smart Streaming Headphones at CES 2014

As the glorious spectacle of CES 2014 approaches, DamnGeeky had the fortune of coming across many of ‘world’s firsts‘. And, now we have come across yet another world’s first contraption – Mozaex has released their Streamz headphones that have the utterly unique ability to stream music. This means the headphone pair can act as a dedicated wireless music player. Of course, the Streamz will also be able to play music from multiple sources, including conventionally on-board stored music, streamed music from radio and mobile devices, and audio from televisions, gaming consoles and computers.

The built-in wireless music player is powered by an Android processor, while the Streamz also boasts of a separate storage memory, along with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. In fact, the connecting features of the headphone pair is improved with its capacity to auto detect WiFi internet hot-spots or a Bluetooth device (like your smartphone or tablet).

As for Streamz’s audio oriented attributes, the headphones shine with their patent-pending Smart Headphone technology. This entails the amalgamation of a host of features like –  built-in High Fidelity quality Digital Analog Converter (DAC with 48 kHz/16 bit CD quality), 3 Watt vibration drivers (integrated individually) and dynamic amplifiers. The end result is superior CD quality sound effect with unparalleled clarity, fidelity and dynamic range.

The company will showcase Streamz headphones in this year’s CES, from January 7th to 10th at booth number 54009. As for their pricing, each pair will set you back by $549; a credible sum to pay, considering it is also a streaming wireless speaker that doesn’t siphon off your phone’s battery.

For buying details, please refer to the product page.


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