CES 2014: Samsung’s Galaxy Camera 2 boasts of improved processor and NFC functions

Samsung's Galaxy Camera 2

Come CES, and every electronic giant is raring to unveil the next generation of their specialty devices. Now, Samsung has jumped on the bandwagon with their Galaxy Camera 2, a svelte successor to the original Galaxy Camera. In this regard, the device will showcase some of the same advanced credentials of its predecessor, including 16M BSI CMOS Sensor, 21x optical zoom and 121.2mm (4.8-inch) HD Super Clear Touch LCD. However, in line with the contemporary trend, the Galaxy Camera 2 will exhibit a more improved power-train that comprises of an upgraded 1.6GHz Quad Core processor and a 4.3 Android platform, along with 120fps slow-motion video capturing capacity, separate auto-exposure and auto-focus controls, 8GB memory (2.8GB user memory) and an overall lower weight (marked at 9.2 oz).

These efficient credentials are bolstered by the enhanced battery life of the camera device, which boasts of 2000mAh capacity. This means – extended photography sessions, which is complemented by the the easy-to-use, intuitive navigation that focuses on capturing the preferred shot (rather than going through complex modes).

The other nifty features of the Galaxy Camera 2 is its progressive WiFi and NFC capabilities. The NFC credentials are centered around Samsung’s ‘Tag & Go’ attribute for easy sharing with NFC-enabled smartphones and mobile devices. The related functions include – the Photo Beam for viewing the captured images on a paired smartphone, the Mobile Link for sending the chosen pictures to the smartphone and the convenient Remote Viewfinder which allows you to control the camera from the phone.

Samsung will showcase their Galaxy Camera 2 at booth #12004 in the Central Hall, during CES 2014 from Jan 7th to 10th.

Via: SamsungTomorrow


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