CES 2014: Basis B1 multi-sensor health tracker provides unmatchable sleep analysis

Basis B1 multi-sensor health tracking watch

For blokes who are looking for an advanced sleep analysis gizmo that can provide a comprehensive data about the sleep patterns, heart rate, and other health tracking functions; Basis B1 multi-sensor health tracking watch is going to be shown-off at CES 2014. This piece of wearable gizmo is good at tracking your health statistics and looks uber cool with the ability to customize the look anytime. Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition with version 2.0 of the mobile iOS, Android and Web is all set for release on January 21 for a price tag of $199. Making use of the Body IQ technology the Basis multi-sensor gizmo enables Advanced Sleep Analysis to recognize REM Sleep, Deep Sleep and Light Sleep along with other complicated movement data during sleep like tossing and turning, interruptions and durations.

The idea behind development of this sleep analyzing gadget is to improve overall health and provide the user with a comprehensive sleep data to inculcate sound sleeping habits. User can track the daily sleep pattern and also patterns over an extended period of time. The Basis 2014 Carbon Steel Edition will come in new look and feel with polished chrome details and stretchable silicon black straps for flexibility and wearing of all day long.

Basis B1 multi-sensor health tracking watch



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