CES 2014: The utterly gorgeous LaCie Sphère external hard drive costs $490

LaCie Sphère external hard drive

The above pictured LaCie Sphère 1 TB external hard drive costs $490. Now, the question naturally arises – why would you spend so much money for a single PC component, when you can built a cheap rig (or even buy a Sony PS4) with the same amount? Well, the answer lies in our perception of art and practicality. Designed by Christofle, the LaCie Sphère is touted as a work of art with its impeccably curvaceous form, gorgeous silhouette and ethereally reflective surface. The striking sphere is uniquely crafted from silver-plated steel, as it ‘snugly’ encases the original hard drive component.

This is what the designers had to say about the upscale craftsmanship of the LaCie Sphère –

The LaCie Sphère demonstrates Christofle’s commitment to innovative design for every era. Its unique round shape requires silversmiths in Christofle’s Normandy workshop to conduct a precise manual silver plating procedure. They stamp it with Christofle’s hallmark signature and then polish for perfect brightness. This time-consuming process results in a bold silhouette and highly reflective surface.

Of course, there is very little doubt about the visual elegance of the LaCie Sphère, especially with its silver bling factor. The features complement the aesthetic scale with a 1 TB capacity storage and USB 3.0 credentials. But does that justify a $490 price tag? Well, maybe for some PC enthusiasts, it does; while others (like us) should stick to the run of the mill $100 or less storage contraptions.

The LaCie Sphère is showcased in this year’s CES, and will be commercially available soon. For buying details, refer to the product page.


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